Emmanuel Eboue


Until recently Ivory Coast-born Emmanuel Eboue, or Eboue as he is known by his mother, was a breeder of championship miniature horses. Unfortunately, playing football for Arsenal was only his fallback career option. The Ivorian supplied pure breed horses to the Belgian and Dutch royal families and was chairman of the IMHPS (International Miniature Horse & Pony Society). It is a common misconception that Eboue was substituted against Wigan in December 2008 as a result of the fans’ reaction to a particularly poor performance. In reality he had forgotten to add his attendance at an important tri-seasonal gymkhana to his Outlook calendar and had only picked up a reminder email on his blackberry mid-way through the first half. It wasn’t until the great little horse heist of May 2009 that Eboue decided to hang up his miniature training whip and concentrate on his footballing career.

Prince Bertje of Bruges pictured with one of Eboue’s thoroughbreds

Prince Bertje of Bruges pictured with one of Eboue’s thoroughbreds

Eboue has since formed a tight-knit gang with Bacharach Sagna, Alex ‘Sideshow’ Song and Valkyrie Diaby. Eboue refers to the group as the three musketeers, believing himself to be more of a thought than an actual physical entity. Eboue has all but left his equine days behind but has found the time to breed one further animal for team mate Andre Arshavin who has requested a miniature shirehorse to plough his beetroot allotment.

What Eboue brings to Arsenal

Sheer determination. You will not find a more enthusiastic man to don the red and white and this enthusiasm is really beginning to bring round the cognoscenti to the ways of Eboue. The last half a season has proved that Eboue really can think on his feet, with delicate support play and thoughtful passing manoeuvres. Another Arsenal signing to show that le prof really does know.

Position: Right Winger / Right Back
Height: 5′ 10”
Leftie/Rightie: Rightie
Strength: 7
Speed: 8
Stamina: 7
Passing: 6
Tackling: 7
Shooting: 2
Heading: 5
Dribbling: 8
Technique: 6
Grit: 10

Special abilities

100% commitment and emotional dedication to being an Arsenal player.

Achilles Heel

Falling over at the slightest touch in order to gain a free kick/penalty.

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