Andre The Giant

The only blogger of the three stubborn enough not to have a pun for a name, Andre is quite possibly the most short-sighted, biased Arsenal supporter on the planet. Fed up with a playground full of Man Utd and Liverpool supporters, Andre chose to follow the nearest london team (not including Charlton, Crystal Palace, QPR, Chelsea, Millwall, Leyton Orient, Fulham, Tottenham etc.) no less than 25 years ago. To this day Ma and Pa Giant still hold dear the banner that young Andre placed below the television set on 26 May 1989 declaring his allegiance for the “Supper” Reds. Still, he did get the score prediction right which was the important part. One other predictive claim to fame occurred walking passed the bookies on the way to Highbury for Arsenal v Ipswich Town in 1993. Andre wasn’t just the only Arsenal supporter to predict a Kevin Campbell hatrick, he was the only person alive to predict this improbable feat. Unfortunately, every single Arsenal bet since has fallen on its arse.

Playing a gig the day of the FA Cup final was always going to be a good idea!

Andre now props up the Bristol branch of Arsenal supporters. When he’s not squinting at a stuttering internet stream or muttering under his breath at part-time Chelsea and Man Utd fans in the pub, Andre can be found pouting around the centre of a stage at a local music venue near you.