About our Arsenal blog…

Come on the Arse is an Arsenal football club blog, forged from the combined cyber-dexterity, cerebral juices and Arsenal addiction of three thirty-somethings with little better to do with their ample free time. (Yes we could be watching The Wire instead, but hey who says men can’t multi-task?). There may be better informed, more accurate, wittier and generally more useful Arsenal blogs out there (in fact we know there are, because we read them) but try to think of us as the three-legged, malodorous mongrel you really should put down, except how could you when the cheeky little chap gives you that puppy dog stare, wags his plucky tail and tries to hump the chair leg? What we lack in knowledge, professionalism and downright usefulness can’t be made up for in charm… but if our incessant drivelling stops you getting back to your job, life or wife for just a few precious Arsenal-infused minutes we hope you’ll thank us and stay tuned for more Arsenal news, match reports, pun-tastic player ratings and opinon… and a fair scattering of random rubbish and trivia.

As well as regular posts we have also seen fit to profile some of our favourite Arsenal players and rated them on everything from shooting to haircuts. We’ve even started to compile our very own patented Lexicon of Arse with plenty of Arsenalicious Gunner-related vocabulary.

If you would like to contact us, or even chip in with the odd post, write us an email.