Man United 2 – Arsenal 0: History Repeating

Posted by Sonuvagun

Being an Arsenal fan is beginning to feel like being a follower of Opus Dei. A great deal of fervour and blind faith is needed, as is a love of pain.

I don’t know about you, but it took me quite some time before I could muster up the strength to read today’s papers. A loss to Man U is always hard to swallow, despite the regular practice we get at it, but on top of the Birmingham fiasco and the Barcelona controversy it was a bit like we had replaced the barbs in the whips we use for self flagellation with acid-tipped spikes – and then applied them to our b@ll@cks.

And if cynics scorn Opus Dei followers for thinking that they will eventually be rewarded for their self-inflicted pain, then God knows what those cynics think of us right now… masochists without hope you’d have to presume. Apart from the crushing psychological blows that the last fortnight has dealt us, there will be the additional media pressure on an already over-scrutinised team, questions in the dressing room, questions about the manager’s policies and a mounting injury list to contend with before we have any chance to lifting the sole piece of silverware still available to us this season. I don’t know what the odds are of Arsenal winning the Premier League but, despite our great points position, it’s hard to feel optimistic. (Although gamblers out there can always try their hand at some online sports betting if they are able to put their money where there heart is).

I could continue this post by reconstructing the events of the Manchester United defeat, but then again why would I? There are a couple of points I would love to make to Arsene Wenger though (but, since he’s not listening, I’m going to direct them to you instead). They are:

1) Stop tinkering! Please! Just fucking stop! Every match he has to take a little gamble. Almost obsessively. What’s wrong with just playing your best eleven, and making everyone work their arses off to take their place? Right now players are not getting picked on merit. Rather Arsene sees a chance to give someone a game. Yesterday it was Gibbs. Clichy was one of our best players against Barcelona and has upped his game – so keep him in the team! Gibbs was awful and his inclusion really hurt our chances. Similarly there is absolutely no place for Rosicky in the first eleven right now, and he should not be brought on for Arshavin when we desperately need to conjure something up.

2) Learn from your mistakes. That’s the one millionth time we’ve lost to United in exactly the same fashion. Fashioning a hundred half chances around their box is no good when they only have to break – whilst half of our defence and our entire midfield has been sucked into a hopeless attack – to have a great two on two or three on three situation. History has repeated itself far too many times and a man of Wenger’s intellect should have a solution by now.

Ok that’s about it for now. I fully understand if you’ve burned your Bergkamp shirt and smashed your 2002 commemorative mug by now, however for better or worse we’ll be here with a few more Arse-related thoughts until the end of season. Until then I’m off to get some TCP for my b@ll@cks.

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